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We are pioneer construction equipment rental service provider in UAE. Therefore we provide services in all major cities for instance Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah. Due to increase demand of construction equipment rental, We are expanding our rental services in following areas.

  • Ajman
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Fujairah
  • Umm al-Quwain

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    Heavy Mobile Cranes Trucks

    Crane trucks also  refers as  heavy mobile  cranes. Crane truck body designed is such a way that it can easily set up on the truck body. As a result makes them more convenient for fast traveling to a longer distance.
    The key advantages of the heavy mobile truck are as follows

    1. Efficiency
    2. Maneuverability
    3. Versatility

    Heavy mobile crane trucks makes job easy in the mobility of heavy loads. Above all mobile crane trucks are used both for the industrial, residential and commercial building projects.

    Firstly heavy mobile crane trucks have accessories which make them more compatible in their use. Such as personnel baskets, car lifting rigs, lifting cages and more.

    Secondly heavy mobile crane construction equipment vary in their sizes as starts from 35 Ton and up. Thirdly lifting capacity of heavy mobile crane truck also varies. Due to their different sizes the  lifting capacity ranges from 2.5 to 16 tonnes.

    In short heavy mobile crane trucks are used often for
    different purposes as follows

    • Lifting of larger materials and objects
    • For engineering basis on construction sites
    • Restructuring of heavy objects.
    • In load moving region
    • Exporting and importing of cargo

    We have huge capacity mobile and 4-wheel cranes trucks ranging from 25-ton upto 200 ton.

    Hiab Crane Rental Trucks

    We have different kind of Hiab crane trucks with maximum lifting capacity of 10 ton. We have Hiab knuckle boom cranes, Hiab stiff boom crane, Hiab Bricks & block cranes, Effer knuckle boom cranes, telescopic boom cranes and Hook loader cranes.

    Light Crane Pickups

    Light crane pickups have an important use in electric field for mechanics to do their work efficiently.
    The main objective of light crane pickups is providing a quick service to their customers in no time.
    Light crane pickups designs are more efficient for moving to a longer distance. Light crane pickups
    are providing the lifting capability and some storage capacity as well.

    In addition light crane pickups  are put into service for the mobility of the power & emergency  generators and street lights. Hence accommodates the emergency services 24 hours a day. Further more light crane pickups also use for placing air conditioner. In addition installing heater units safely to different places such as side yards, backyard and rooftop etc.
    To sum up we (Khaibar Transport) have a variety of construction equipment rental light cranes pickups 1.5 ton.

    Excavators Construction Equipment Rental Machines

    Excavators are well known vehicles for the earth working. The excavators have different components
    such as bucket, rotating cab, arm and movable tracks. These featured components providing an
    excellent mobility and digging power which permit that machine to perform different functions very
    quickly and efficiently. The main purpose of excavators is to lifting and moving the heavy amount of

    We have a large number of Excavators machines busy in performing daily work with safety instructions.

    Wheel Loader

    Wheel loaders رافعة شوكية are mainly used for the construction sites due to possibility of its great diversity and variation. Hire wheel loader across UAE دبى، الامارات العربية المتحدة

    Wheel loaders are mostly used on construction sites for putting the material in dump truck. The effectiveness of wheel loader mainly depends on the size of its bucket therefore their bucket size should be of 0.35-0.65 m 3 , 0.70-0.95 m 3 and 1.05- 1.08 m 3

    Telescopic, Bobcat, Forklift

    We have different brand of wheel loader, depend on the work condition and weight capacity available for Rent. In telescopic we have 532,535,540,560 models available for rent with maximum boom length of 17 mtr. Bobcat also available for rent depend on the model and weight capacity. Forklift is the one of latest technology and it reduce the human efforts.

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