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Khaibar General Transport is a reliable crane rental partner for many construction businesses. We are operating in dubai and other parts of uae since 2002. We are re-known mobile crane hire company.Our firm Khaibar gate land general transport( hiab crane rental providers & water Tanker Supplier United Arab Emirates) is delivering a cost effective logistic service to government institutions. We are also providing economical logistics to construction industries and other private businesses. We don’t simply work with our clients to deliver what they want however truly We form lasting enterprise partnerships constructed on belief. For more then 20 years, Khaibar Gate Land General Transport has been a reliable partner in the field of logistics.

Truck-mounted cranes and boom loader trucks are both popular choices for construction businesses of all sizes. Both types of equipment can be used to lift and move heavy materials, but there are some key differences between the two.

Truck-mounted cranes are larger and more powerful than boom loader trucks. They have a longer reach and can lift heavier loads. Truck-mounted cranes also have counterweights, which helps to keep them stable when lifting heavy objects.

Boom loader trucks are smaller and more maneuverable than truck-mounted cranes. They can be driven on public roads without a special permit, making them ideal for jobs that require frequent movement. Boom loader trucks also have a variety of attachments that can be used for different tasks, such as lifting materials, loading and unloading trucks, and placing concrete.

Which type of equipment is right for your construction business depends on the specific needs of your projects. If you need to lift heavy loads or reach high places, a truck-mounted crane is the better choice. If you need a more maneuverable and versatile piece of equipment, a boom loader truck is a good option.

When to rent a truck-mounted crane

There are a number of situations where renting a truck-mounted crane is the best option for your construction business. Some examples include:

Lifting heavy objects, such as HVAC units, roofing materials, and precast concrete beams. Reaching high places, such as when installing siding on a tall building or repairing a roof. Setting up heavy equipment, such as generators and cranes. Loading and unloading large trucks and trailers.

When to rent a boom loader truck

Boom loader trucks are a good choice for a variety of construction tasks, including: Loading and unloading materials from trucks and trailers. Placing concrete and other materials. Erecting and dismantling scaffolding. Installing and repairing roofs. Performing maintenance on equipment.

Factors to consider when choosing between a truck-mounted crane and a boom loader truck When choosing between a truck-mounted crane and a boom loader truck, there are a number of factors to consider, including:

The weight and size of the loads you need to lift. Truck-mounted cranes can lift heavier loads than boom loader trucks. The reach you need. Truck-mounted cranes have a longer reach than boom loader trucks. The maneuverability you need. Boom loader trucks are more maneuverable than truck-mounted cranes. The terrain you will be working on. Truck-mounted cranes are better suited for rough terrain than boom loader trucks. Your budget. Truck-mounted cranes are more expensive to rent than boom loader trucks.

Which is better to rent for your construction business? The best type of equipment to rent for your construction business depends on the specific needs of your projects. If you need to lift heavy loads or reach high places, a truck-mounted crane is the better choice. If you need a more maneuverable and versatile piece of equipment, a boom loader truck is a good option.

A crane that is installed on a truck chassis is known as a truck-mounted crane. Because of its portability to various job sites, the truck mounted crane is a flexible and effective instrument for lifting and transferring heavy goods. Depending on the precise requirements of the user, there are many different sizes and capabilities available for truck-mounted cranes. Truck-mounted cranes are a robust and adaptable instrument that may be used in a number of situations to lift and move heavy goods. They are a crucial piece of machinery for numerous companies and organizations.

Cranes & Lifting Logistics

Hiab truck knuckle boom cranes  are used for the movement for heavy items such as shipping containers portable, cabin, vehicles, forklifts, power poles, Earth moving equipment, heavy-duty pumps, air conditioning systems etc. from one place to another.

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    Dubai is the emirate of high-high, soaring skyscrapers and complex engineering feats, requiring high-reach solutions, precise engineering and smart planning to get the job done. Crane rental services in Dubai provide a vital role in the successful completion of construction projects, as well as in other industries such as agriculture, container loading/unloading, storage, and event production. The ever-increasing crane rental services in Dubai offer spacesavers, safe and cost-effective solutions for any project that requires the use of a crane.

    High-Reach Solutions: Crane Rental Services in Dubai

    Crane rental services in Dubai make lifting work easier, faster, and more efficient. Whether it’s a small or large-scale project, a crane rental can provide the necessary reach, reduce time, and maximize efficiency. With a wide range of cranes available to suit a variety of requirements and applications, crane rental services in Dubai ensure efficient job completion and cost savings. The latest in crane technology, like knuckle-boom cranes and spider cranes, offers greater lift heights and maximum reach, providing flexibility and quickness not found in conventional crane services. Another benefit of crane rental services in Dubai is their ability to provide optimal lift solutions in remote or difficult-to-access areas, such as construction sites in the desert. The cranes used in Dubai can also be equipped with special features, such as remote control and special suspension systems, that make it easier to lift and transport heavier materials with better accuracy. Whatever the lift or environmental challenge, crane rental services in Dubai have the right solution for your project.

    Maximum Efficiency from Professional Crane Hire

    In addition to the selection of cranes available, competent and experienced operators are available to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. All crane rental companies in Dubai are highly trained and certified, and are licensed and bonded to give the peace of mind customers need. Proper inspection and maintenance of the cranes are absolutely essential, and the crane rental services in Dubai guarantee that the cranes are fully certified and pass all safety inspections. Furthermore, professional crane operators are capable of carrying out any type of lifting and transport project safely and efficiently, with absolute precision. By properly training their operators, crane rental companies in Dubai are able to handle any lifting or transportation-related projects quickly and accurately.


    The sheer variety of lifting solutions and quality of crane rental services available in Dubai make lifting work easier, safer and more efficient. Crane rental companies in Dubai offer an extensive selection of quality cranes, as well as professional and experienced operators, ensuring safe and efficient solutions for any lifting or transportation project. For those looking for reliable, cost-effective high-reach solutions, crane rental services in Dubai are the best choice.

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    With our online services available in the Dubai, Ajman and Abu Dhabi, Khaibar Transport property transport items and administrations furnish a ground cargo sending network with inventive, assisted start to finish inventory network arrangements associating the Dubai, Sharjah Abu Dhabi and other parts of United Arab Emirates. As a resource based organization, we give your business the broad and high thickness network it needs. Our ISO endorsed transporters and specialist organizations guarantee fast and dependable conveyance to all significant objections across the landmass. Get the contact you need to remain in front of the opposition with our scope of value land transport arrangements.

    Whether you need door-to-door forwarding services by road, rail, or both, our land shipping solutions will get your shipments from everywhere to anywhere in United Arab Emirates.

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    Disruptive forces such as new technology and system

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    Disruptive forces such as new technology and system

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    Life in Dubai can be hectic, but khaibar gate land crane rentals dubai have made it simpler for those in need of large-scale lifting. With a comprehensive crane rental service, you can get the job done quickly and safely. Have the confidence you need to get things done with crane rental!

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    “Our worth added administrations guarantee the progression of products proceeds consistently and supply chains stay lean and streamlined for progress..” - Khaibar Transport

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    Every supply chain is unique, and so are your business requirements. We understand it, which is why we are committed to being an integrator of end-to-end logistics services. This implies offering different solutions that can cater to your every individual supply chain need. Experience the comfort of end-to-end deliveries with just a single partner, and make your supply chain work to your competitive advantage.

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