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Boom crane is a type of heavy mobile crane designed to lift loads, handle and deliver material and conduct work at the boom tip through a variety of attachments.

Boom lifts are best suitable solution for working in narrow space which has limited access. One main benefit of the boom lift is that it can gave you greater access to the horizontal region where other types of machines can’t gave you access for working

Boom Truck Cranes

Also referred to as telescopic boom crane, these trucks consist of a telescopic arm and usually work as typical cranes to lift and move heavy objects.

Lifting Capacity

Boom truck telescopic arm enables the device to lift loads of between 10 and 90 tonnes.

In addition to telescopic boom trucks, knuckle boom cranes heavy lifting equipment solutions are also available to fulfill industry demands.

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The telescopic boom truck is irreplaceable. Many fields and industries will be at a loss without this incredibly versatile piece of construction equipment. If you are in need of a boom cane truck, Hire  from  none other than Khaibar gate land general transport. We provide high quality lifting equipment. Get in touch with us today!

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    Telescopic boom trucks enhances the lifting capabilities. It also ease work  by allowing  very smooth and direct movement.   The working on telescopic hydraulic truck cranes offers around the same as with knuckle hydraulic truck.

    Telescopic boom lift can be a significant advantage on several projects especially construction projects. Using  telescopic boom lifts on construction site and moving heavy cargo shipments, you can avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries.These hydraulic lift truck will also ensure the work remains efficient with reduced risk for operational challenges or breakdowns.


    Crane rental costs vary based on many factors, so the only way to get an accurate price is to request a quote. Because there are different type  of cranes with different features and specifications. 

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    We can help you find the perfect solution for your job.If you would like more information on the types of telescopic hydraulic truck & boom lifts available, the experts at Khaibar gate land general transport Limited can help. We have a full line of boom trucks ranging from 12 to 30 Ton, with the capability of taking loads up to 20′ long.

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