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Excavators are well known vehicles for the earth working. The excavators have different components such as bucket, rotating cab, arm and movable tracks. These featured components providing an excellent mobility and digging power, so that machine can perform different functions very quickly and efficiently.

Most importantly the main objective of excavators are lifting and moving the heavy amount of soil. Further more these machines have popular demand in construction.

In addition excavators performs different kind of work as follows

  • Breaking holes
  • Digging trenches
  • Lifting away wastes
  • Excavating mines

Excavators are used in different fields such as

  • For Industrial needs
  • Road construction
  • Demolitions
  • Mining
  • Building construction

There are many different types of excavators on the basis of their uses. Different types of excavators
are as follows

  1. Drag Line excavator
  2. Crawler excavator
  3. Skid steer excavator
  4. Suction excavator
  5. Long reach excavator

Drag Line excavator

For performing different kinds of works drag line excavator is used. In other words drag line excavator  is  a larger excavator which based on a hoist rope system. Hoist rope system  attaches to a bucket with the help of a hoist coupler.

Drag line excavator is most commonly used in larger projects of civil engineering such as canal dreading.

Crawler excavator

On the other hand, crawler excavator runs on two large endless tracks. Crawler excavator
also known as compact excavator that most commonly used in heavy construction and mining.
Crawler excavator basically used the hydraulic power system for lifting heavy soil and debris.

Skid steer excavator

Skid steer excavator consists of buckets and booms that are away from the driver. Although this unique arrangement of components becomes helpful in making of narrow areas.

Firstly  skid steer excavators  are most commonly use in site cleaning.

Secondly use in  residential work, removing debris and digging pools especially in those areas where space is narrower for working.

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Suction Excavator

Suction excavator is also known as vacuum excavator. Further more the feature function of suction excavator is to providing the air up to 400 horsepower. So with the help of suction pipe it releases the water for loosen the soil.

The most suitable use of suction excavator is providing underground soil work which reduces the damage chance by 50 percent.

Long reach excavator

As long reach excavator names donates that it consist of a boom sections. Above all it consist of  longer arm which make them more suitable for working in hard to reach locations. For instance the arm length reaches horizontally  up to a 100 feet.

Further more long reach arm cans perform different work by varying attachments
such as cutting, crushing and shearing.

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