Hire Wheel Loader دبى، الامارات العربية المتحدة

Wheel loaders رافعة شوكية  are mainly used for the construction sites due to possibility of its great diversity and variation. Hire wheel loader across UAE دبى، الامارات العربية المتحدة. These machines have following main features which make them more efficient in their use

  • Superior lift capacity
  • Enough torque for penetration in hard material
  • Superior lift capacity
  • Two tool carrier options

There are various fields where companies are using wheel loaders  as follows

  • Handling different materials
  • Carry and load materials
  • Loading construction material such as sand and gravel
  • Transporting different materials in municipal
  • Building and civil construction
  • Recycling
  • Block handling
  • Lumber yards
  • Agriculture
  • Landscaping
  • Quarrying
  • Bunyad construction

There are different types of wheel loader of different sizes and bucket capacity. Their application in different fields as follows

Wheel loader for agriculture

رافعة شوكية الإمارات العربية المتحدة wheel loader which work in agriculture size should be less than 3.5t and greater than 4t.

Wheel loader for construction site

رافعة شوكية Wheel loader hire for construction sites should be of 0.35-0.65 m3, 0.70-0.95 m3 and 1.051.08 m3 bucket size.

استئجار جرافة ذات عجلات لموقع البناء

Wheel loaders are mostly  use at construction sites for putting the material in dump truck. In other words wheel loader also known as scoop loader, a bucket loader and skip loader. Wheel loader further categorized into four classes on the basis of their carrying capacity. The four classes of wheel loader are as follows

  • Small horsepower
  • Compact horsepower
  • Medium horsepower
  • Larger horsepower

Compact wheel loader

Compact wheel loader has following distinct features

  • Large comfortable cab
  • Tier 4 emission solution
  • Low profile frame
  • Excellent stability and load retention
  • Improved lifting and breakout force
  • Very compact and user friendly

Small wheel loader

Small wheel loader also has following unique features which make them distinct form other types of wheel loader

  • Easier on turf and other surfaces
  • Easier on tires
  • Better on fuel efficiency
  • Longer wheel base
  • Better ground speed
  • Better ground clearance

Medium wheel loader

Similarly medium wheel loader also has distinctive features such as

  • Spacious cab
  • Low effort controls
  • Versatile results
  • Bucket vibrate
  • Optimal hydraulic control setting

Large wheel loader

Large wheel features are as follows

  • Rise in productivity
  • TP linkage
  • Opti shift
  • Tilting cab
  • Volvo cab
  • Power train
  • Attachments


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